This product comes in a various sizes. Like a drums, IBCs, and ISO tanks, this product is a commodity that is meets the regulatory authority requirement for the transportation of Dangerous Goods.  Under the IMDG code, meets the requirement in chapter 6.5.

2000 Litre Offshore Tanks

This product is an integration of the 550 gallon totetank with DNV certified lifting frames in accordance to the 2.7-1 (Offshore Containers). A design and approval has also been obtained for the manufacturing of the 350 gallon and the 793 gallon.

Offshore Tanks 4000 Litres

Under the IMDG code, IBCs is classified as a container that not exceeds 3000 litre. Above 3000 litre, it is know as Portable Tanks. For the portable tanks, the ruling for IMDG code falls under chapter 6.7. We have a full range of T4, T7 and T11 classification offshore chemical tanks for the safe storage and transportation of a wide range of chemicals.  

Offshore Tanks 8000 Litres

Instead of utilizing 2 units of the 4000 litre tanks, the 8000 litre offshore tanks will be more economical as it has a smaller footprint than the 2 units of the 4000 litre tanks.

Offshore Containers

This product is designed and built in accordance to the DNV 2.7-1 standards. It can be used to transport 2 units of the IBCs to offshore or 2 bags of jumbo bags. We have an approved designed where the product is come with a shelves. 

Offshore Gas Rack

Offshore Gas rack is used to transport Gas Bottles. Current designed could fit in 16 cylinders. The product meets the DNV 2.7-1 lifting standards. The manifold of the gas bottle can also be purchased.

Offshore Lifting Modules

Under the DNV 2.7-1, the maximum gross weight that is covered under the standards is not exceeding 25,000 kg. We have designed and built various types of lifting modules to solve issues regarding the migration of the platform operators to DNV 2.7-1 standards. We have design and built a lifting carrier of a 20ft LPG tanks (17,600 kg) and also a lifting carrier for a pump (500 kg)

Bespoke/ Engineered Tanks

Under this segment, we are able to manufacture based on our own design or based on the client's own design. Our range of bespoke units are in compliance with the international rules such as DNV, ABS, BV, ASME and other codes. Product comprises a range between 500 litres to 100,000 barrels for both onshore and offshore use.