• The module is a steel structure with nominal dimension of 15.0 m x 7.5 m x 7.0 m
  • The lower decks No. 2 and No. 3 can be configured and customized to meet client’s requirement representing a section of a ship
  • Incorporates observation/training control room
  • Weather deck/helicopter deck to allow crash on deck simulation

“A” Frames

  • The ship’s structural section is suspended between 2 support frames called the “A” frames to simulate rolling motion
  • The fore and AFT center line calculated for the roll of the ship simulation is above the structural center of gravity to allow for self-righting

Hydraulic Systems & Bearings Assembly

  • The rolling motion of the ship’s structural section is achieved by utilizing hydraulic power pack and two hydraulic cylinders attached between the “A” frames and the ship’s structure
  • The movement can be controlled in a sinusoidal form in any roll angle up to a maximum of ± 15˚.
  • PLC based motion control systems
  • The module seats on 2 roller bearings mounted on the “A” frames to pivot its rolling motion.

Flooding System 

  • PLC based control and monitoring systems simulating various scenarios
  • High pressure sea water system via transfer pumps
  • Incident flooding system via header tank
  • Fire and salvage system
  • Flood boxes
  • Rapid drainage system
  • Sump pool with filtration system


  • 415V 50Hz rated at 600A
  • Electrical control and instrumentation
  • Climate control
  • Lightings
  • Survaillence/CCTV system
  • Broad cast and communication system
  • Battle damaged sound