Protank Mission Systems specialize in the designing, manufacturing and provisioning of aftermarket support for the logistics, storage, containerization, conditioning, processing, dispensing of aviation fuel. Safe fuel equals to aviation safety. Our experience embracing the Total Supply Chain are indeed unique

We have been involved in the Royal Malaysian Airforce Aerial Refueling and tanker program since the first tanker program in 1995. The involvement has exposed us to the quality standards, the Quality Management Systems of the best in the world company in this specialize business

Aerial refueling is a mission critical system. We have evolved from being an agent to become a distributor and an organization possessing delegated authority to undertake operational aftermarket support. In addition to the familiarity of the aviation standards, the naval requirement call for standards relating to vibration, EMC, Mil Spec, shock vibration and Class certification. Our bespoke capabilities allows the customization and optimization of prime real estates on board naval ships. We are proud to be associated with the Royal Malaysian Navy DCNS designed Littoral Combat Ship Program (Gowind Class).

Bisides the capability to do pressure refueling, our design include the Helicopter in Hover Hot Refueling (HIFR)

From the above mentioned experiences and capabilities, Protank Mission Systems has developed its own product for the offshore platform units (OPUs) and Floaters (FPSOs,FSOs,FLNGs) for the use of the Helicopter Refueling Systems. This product comes in the standard Type Approved units (ABS) as well as the Customized Solutions based on the mission critical system or the requirements from our clients. (Click here for more information on PMS standard product)

As far as ground refueling is concern we have designed and built a range of products and providing after sales supports for the Airports in the ASEAN region. (Click here for more information)