Business Lines

Engineers, Constructors & Consignors is the best way to summarize ProtankGrüp. We have divided our expertise among several business lines. The first focus on aviation refueling while the other focus on maritime. Asides from that we also have a business line which focus on liquid packaging. Most of our products are manufactured in house where a specific business unit specialize in.

Business Units

ProtankGrüp consist of various units. Every business units has its own specialization in a particular business lines. The business unit which specialize in aviation refueling line specialize in both ground and air-refueling. Apart from, airport markets. The key specialization includes the offshore & naval markets. The business unit that specialize in the maritime industry serve the naval markets. For the “Integrated Platform Management Systems for the Malaysian Royal Fleet. Another business which focus in the liquid packaging segment serves clients for both the upstream and downstream of the oil and gas segment. In particular for the packaging of Dangerous Goods Cargo for the offshore use. Most of the product are designed and engineered in house. The development and realization of the product is being taken care by another business unit which specialize in the manufacturing side of the business

Integration Solutions

The integration of engineers, consignors & constructors is a unique and powerful combination giving partners an integrated approach and added dimension is the solutions that we offered.

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