Up to 18,000 Litres

Flow rate and pump unit

  • 800 LPM & 1200 LPM respectively
  • PTO driven pump

Design approvals

  • EI 1581 5th edition / EI 1583 6th edition
  • NFPA 407


  • Filter water separator – horizontal aligned with air eliminator and relief valve

Design specifications

  • Piping stainless steel SS316
  • Single hose reel with 2 ½” x 15 m aviation refueling hose API 1529 certified
  • Overwing quick dry aviation adapter for gravity refueling

Sampling features

  • Multiple sampling points with spring loaded ball valves – filter sump, filter inlet, tank sump and filter outlet
  • One unit of in-lined sampling jar for quick sampling during refueling

Safety features

  • Deadman control 
  • Bonding cable for electrostatic charge
  • Emergency shut down system
  • Multiple points Interlocking systems 
  • Fire extinguishers


  • Hydraulic operated lifting platform
  • Separate hose reel and separate flowmeter for overwing refueling
  • Tri-staged filtration