Bespoke Tanks

Potable Water Tank

We have designed and manufactured various types of Potable Water tank for both the upstream and downstream segment of the oil and gas industries. Projects for Potable Water Tanks include permanent tanks installed on deck as well as the portable types.  

Methanol Tanks

Methanol falls under class III of the IMDG code. When we did the project, the portable methanol tanks was designed to meet the code. We have constructed various sizes of the methanol tanks for both portable and was installed on deck permanently.

Skimmer Tanks

This process tank was designed and built by our team. The project is for a client in the East of Malaysia used to separate oil from water prior to dumping. The corrugated plate interceptors was designed in house and has met with the DOE requirements. 

Lab Drain Tank

The lab drain tank is one of the smallest tank that we have built for an FSO. The previous tank was manufactured using carbon steel and we proposed that the unit to be built using SS316 due to the nature of the FSO and the extreme condition at sea. 

Fuel Day Tank

We had an opportunity to design and build a fuel day tank for one of our client who is providing a rental services of Nitrogen Converters pump. The pump is an offshore unit and rated as Ex-proof ATEX. Under the working conditions of Zone 1, the compliance and standard sets were high for the construction of this tank.

Open Drain Tank

Prior to the dumping of water at sea, the first line of filtration is to make sure all solids waste are separated. We have designed various types of the open drain tank based on our customer requirement to ensure that the following filtration process is not distressed. 

Loading Bin Tank

Most of the clients that requires this bin are mainly the industrial sectors, particularly the food and drugs industries which requires high standards to ensure. The product complies with the 3-A Sanitary Standards.

Side Tote Bin

We have designed and built 40 units of the 3000 KG and 1750 KG Side Tote Bin for an international Food manufacturing company in Malaysia for the use of storage and internal transportation of the grains within the plant. This is to avoid human contact during the process and to ensure product meets the FDA standards.