The marine sector is spearheaded by Protank Coms which is currently operating in Lumut, where the Malaysian biggest naval base is located. The business has been around for the past 24 years working as the Authorized Representative for L3 Mapps. Asides from that, the company has also designed and built the Damage Control and Training Unit facilities which is currently in used in Lumut base. Furthermore this business unit is experienced in undertaking refit programs for the Royal Malaysian Naval frigates for the sensors as well as the piping and the valves of the ships.



The business unit and its service center is certified in accordance to ISO 9001:2008. The system is subject to a six-monthly review to ensure it remains relevant and effective to ensure customer satisfaction, particularly in managing the trace-ability to the IPMS, valve services and refit projects, and of course in meeting with the grup quality objectives. 






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Protank Coms are also the rightful designer and constructor of the Damage Control Training Unit (DCTU) which is still in operation in Tangkas base. It is a simulatorthat is use to develop competencies, inculcating confidence, teamwork and leadership skills enhancing survivality in the event of any damage incident on board ship



In Lumut, we have the following facilities: 

  • Computer Aided Test (CAT)
  • CPU Repair and Test Bench
  • Cards Repair Workshop and Tools
  • Control Boxes Service, Test and Repair
  • Sensor Test Facilities
  • FO Test Facilities
  • Valve Service, Operational and Pressure Test Bench

Protank Coms are capable of :

  • Repair CPUs and LOPs
  • Diagnose all RTU cards using CAT
  • Repair Cards
  • Fibre Optics Splicing and termination
  • Sensors (Various Types)
  • Diagnose IPMS System Fault
  • Integrate Sub-system Software
  • Control Boxes (CBs)
  • Motor Operated Valves (MOVs)
  • Measure dB loss for FO and splice FO
  • Signal Testing (Hardwired and Serial Links)