Computer Aided Test (CAT) is a test bench which is specifically designed to undertake diagnostics function is testing all Circuit Card Assemblies (CCAs) produced by L3MAPPS. 



The CAT allows a technician to go one step further. Using an extensive list of tests pre-programmed into the CAT, the technician is capable of further isolating which sub-system on the CCA has failed.

Screen Shot 2016-11-15 at 2.22.25 PM.png


All L-3 MAPPS VME CCAs perform an exhaustive “Go/No-Go” Built-In Test (BIT) at power-up,and indicate the status through an LED on the CCA’s front plate, as well as depositing an error code into the CCA’s status register. 

CAT test and troubleshoot the following L-3 MAPPS VME Circuit Card
Assemblies (CCAs):

• VDMC-P3  • VDMC-PM  • VAI-48         • VAO-8   • VDI-48  • VDOP-24               • VLLI-24  • VFDI-4  • VDSI • VFBI



Graphical User Interface (GUI), with the following

• The CAT GUI has a separate screen for each CCA type
• Navigating between CCA types with      the CAT GUI is simple and intuitive
• The CAT GUI allows the user to select    different tabs of a given CCA should
   there be differing tests for each
• The CAT GUI allows the user to call        up PDF documents providing more         in-depth information when required


• Re-program the L-3 MAPPS firmware residing on the Compact Flash memory card installed on the VDMC-P3 and VDMC-PM using a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) USB memory card reader/writer. 

• The CAT also has the capability to re-program the L-3 MAPPS firmware on non-VDMC VME CCAs using an “ispDownload cable” from Lattice Semiconductors.