Our Business Units


Protank Mission Systems Sdn Bhd

Protank Mission Systems specialize in the designing, manufacturing and provisioning of aftermarket support for the logistics, storage, containerization, conditioning, processing, dispensing of aviation fuel.

Protank Coms Sdn Bhd

The thrust of protankgrüp‘s activities in the Naval and Marine Industries is in naval command, control, communication and simulations is led by Protank Coms (Pcoms)

Protank EBT Sdn Bhd

The Company undertake EPCC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commisioning) responsibilities in areas,  and competencies we know best and technologies we have access to : tank technology, fluid systems, offshore containerization and many others


Tankquip Resources Sdn Bhd

The company provides an integrated solution in liquid packaging and containerization business. Our business integrates the sales, service, rental, leasing and consultancy in liquid packaging and handling.