Ground Refueling Products


The versatile refueling equipment that enables all three functions bulk storage, fuel transfer and into-plane issuance. Whether your nature of operation is for well set up depot or remote area refuelling, our refueller will facilitate your fuel handling activities without compromising on fuel integrity and operational safety.

Hydrant Dispenser

More structured depot or aviation fuel terminal requires hydrant system to have faster delivery of fuel into aircraft. Our design incorporates the best user experience that assimilates well with operational excellence and fuel quality assurance where speed, mobility and ergonomics are key selling factor.

Bespoke Refueling Solutions

We also take up challenges in delivering customizations and tactical solutions to variation of users. Our crossed experience and track records in defense refuelling put us in a pole position to serve and deliver bespoke engineering solutions from tank farm, remote area storage and transfers of aviation fuel, to HIFR, tactical refueling and filtration of different types aviation turbine fuels.

CASRI Water Detector (CWD)

CASRI Water Detection Capsules is used to indicate the presence of free water in jet fuels at handling temperature. Casri is authorised and approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China, IATA and JIG.